Truth & Lies (a poem)

“O the cunning plan of the evil one.” -2nd Nephi 9:28 (in the Book of Mormon)

“In the absence of faith, we govern by tenderness. And tenderness leads to the gas chambers.” -Flannery O’Connor

The cleverest deception
Is truth mixed in with lies
The devil loves to dress up in
Layers of disguise

The blasphemy is twisting (what is)
Good to sound so sweet
But oh, be wise, don’t compromise (there’s)
Evil to defeat

When someone can convince you to
Believe absurdities
It’s not too long you go along
Commit atrocities

Call out dangerous doctrine
The Truth so boldly claim
Disregard the mockery (call)
Satan by his name

We need more courage, fighters (who will)
Go against the crowd
Not caring what the critics say
Who will speak the TRUTH out loud

“I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.” -Romans 1;16

“Disregard the ridicule of the ungodly” (Elder Dieter Uchtdor)

“Now is the time to be unabashedly pro-life.” -Abby Johnson

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