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Work & Rest (a poem)

“Fatigue is the common enemy of us all, so slow down and rest up.”
-Elder Jeffrey Holland of the Church of Jesus Christ

I believe in work
And I believe in rest
I believe that downtime
Can help us do our best

I do not care for laziness
I do believe in sleep
So happiness and sanity’s
A gift for you to keep

Don’t think that we’re invincible
Our frailties do exist
But God can lengthen limits when we
Ask him to assist

I believe that excellence’s
Preceded by mistakes
Don’t always play it safe because
Some risks are good to take

Course correction matters
And guilt can have its place
But don’t believe in self-berating
Give yourself some grace

I believe in work and to have
Goals worth working toward
Expect a lot, give all you’ve got
Then leave it to the Lord

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