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“Listen to the Whisp’rings” (A Poem)

“A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.”
-Frank Capra

Listen to the whisp’rings that your
Heart keeps telling you
Divine ideas and messages just
Desperate to get through

The soft, clear inspirations start to
Make your heart their home
The first seeds of a venture or the
Fledglings of a poem

Write them down, explore them, give them
Space and time to grow
What beauty could become of them
Only angels know

Listen to the whisp’rings that your
Heart keeps telling you
Ponder, pray, and plan, then go make
Certain dreams come true

“Give expression to the noble desires that
lie within your heart.”
-Gordon B. Hinckley

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A New Creature in Christ (a poem)

“Therefore, if any [wo]man be in Christ, [s]he is a new creature.”
-2nd Corinthians 5:17

A hurting heart that’s healed
A secret unconcealed
The love of God revealed

The turning of a page
A new and better age
A soul that’s been uncaged

A new creature in Christ
The one who paid the price
The perfect sacrifice

Take away the sting
Surrender everything
The peace repentance brings

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A Hundred New Ideas (A Poem)

“I have a hundred new ideas a day,
and I know I can’t possibly execute them all.” 

-Christy Wright

Hundreds of ideas always
Swimming through my mind
Accomplish all my projects, solve the
Problems of mankind

Resources unlimited?
There’s nothing stopping me
But come back down to earth (that’s simply)
Not reality

I grieve lost opportunity (wish)
All dreams could come true
Discern my time and energy (to)
Know which to pursue

My family, home, and business (are my)
Top priorities
And then I try to tackle more

But in all the mundane and simple
Tasks and all the goals
I’ll never lose full grip on all the
Dreams inside my soul

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