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Why I Don’t Outsource (A Poem)

It’s so hard to hire
It’s too tough to trust
Somebody else to do
Some of my stuff

I’m sure there’s more money
More dough I could make 
But what if the person I 
Pay’s a mistake?

Perfection’s my best and my 
Worst tendency 
There’s nobody else who can 
Do it like me

It’s probably pride 
Very well could be 
For now, I’ll stay solo
My own agency

Down the road maybe 
For now I’ll say no 
Content to remain as a 
One-woman show 


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Blueprint, Budget, Timeline (a poem)

“Which of you, intending to build a tower,
sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost,
whether he have sufficient to finish?”

-Jesus (Luke 14:28)

Blueprint, budget, timeline
The three most crucial parts
Pay painstaking attention
Before you ever start

What’s the plan for building? 
What’s the final cost?
What’s the schedule look like? 
Not one detail gets long lost

Break down the analysis 
The plan, the time, the price 
And then when you’re all through with that
Look it over twice

Blueprint, budget, timeline 
Don’t leave out even one
Execute with wisdom 
Until the job is done 

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