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No Guarantee

“I wonder sometimes about the outcome.”
-John Mayer

I need some sort of guarantee
To help with the anxiety
Can’t stand all the uncertainty
It’s not so slowly killing me

Stuff that it would help to know
How it ends, the story goes
It probably would scare me though, so
God in wisdom has said no

It seems I’ve got the checklist life
Some babies and somebody’s wife
But still, there’s all this inner strife
(And pain you could cut with a knife)

And all in all, it’s still just me
No changes fundamentally
Still the girl I used to be
Just more responsibility

The guarantee’s not coming
Not sure of the next turn
Best I can do is see it through
And try my best to learn 

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Outsource Too Far (A Poem)

Outsource too far and some
Details get lost
Some choose to do it
No matter the cost
The time and the transfer of
What’s in your brain
Does not seem efficient
But I won’t complain

An hour to describe
A 5 minute task
“Is this really smart?”
(Oh, I’ll never ask)

I’ll take the job off of your
Plate all the way
As long as there’s cash at the
End of the day 

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