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5 Ways To Get Clicks (Without Clickbait!)

Gimmicky clickbait is obnoxious (#4 will blow your mind!), but you still need to make people curious enough to click and read. How do you do that?

  • Content that Your Readers Care About 
  • Listicles (like what I’m doing right now!) 
  • Good Picture(s) (get your thumbnail right!
  • Funny or Striking Pull-Quote on the Social Media Post Linking to the Article 
  • Authorial Ethos (I will almost always click on a post by Ben Shapiro)

How do YOU get people to read your content?


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“Thoughts & Prayers” (a poem)

“‘Coincidence’ is not an appropriate word
to describe the workings of an omniscient God.”
-Neal A. Maxwell

With prayer, we cannot quantify
Exact amount of ROI
And still, the heavens hear us cry
(There’s ample proof to testify)

Some say it’s just mythology
A fake epistemology
Some figment of psychology
And yet, from all that I have seen

My “thoughts and prayers” that some dismiss
(A silly, unimportant wish)
Do so much to improve, uplift
A world that’s dangerously adrift

No believer worth their weight
Says “choose one! Either God or fate”
The evil actions men may take
Don’t prove that the divine is fake

Can’t understand it perfectly
But one thing that is sure to me
So much of all the good we see’s
Directly linked to deity

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