Killing Debt (a poem)

I get a thrill (from the)
Debt that we kill
Love watching that balance go down
So we up and move (when I’m)
3 weeks from due
Even when my man wasn’t in town

I get a rush (from the)
Loans that we crush
So all waking hours, I write
(How) much can I earn?
what costs can we burn?
The finish line’s far, but in sight

Might say I’m obsessed
It’s not wrong, I guess
And sure, a vacation sounds nice
But there’s something more,
A future secure
That’s worth all the sacrifice

Not one bit deprived
I’m more than alive
I don’t feel like I’m missing out (truth be)
Told, I can’t hide (that I)
Feel some smug pride (that we’ve)
Chosen to do this all-out

So what will I do
When the chase is through?
What foxes will I next hunt? (When you’ve)
Got self-control to
Smash through your goal
There’s nothing I cannot confront

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