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Killing Debt (a poem)

I get a thrill (from the)
Debt that we kill
Love watching that balance go down
So we up and move (when I’m)
3 weeks from due
Even when my man wasn’t in town

I get a rush (from the)
Loans that we crush
So all waking hours, I write
(How) much can I earn?
what costs can we burn?
The finish line’s far, but in sight

Might say I’m obsessed
It’s not wrong, I guess
And sure, a vacation sounds nice
But there’s something more,
A future secure
That’s worth all the sacrifice

Not one bit deprived
I’m more than alive
I don’t feel like I’m missing out (truth be)
Told, I can’t hide (that I)
Feel some smug pride (that we’ve)
Chosen to do this all-out

So what will I do
When the chase is through?
What foxes will I next hunt? (When you’ve)
Got self-control to
Smash through your goal
There’s nothing I cannot confront

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Too Many Clients?

Too many clients?
You’ll shortchange them all
A tower of business built
Too high can fall

A good kind of problem
To have rich demand
And still too much market can
Get out of hand

Set back and assess
Be sure to be wise
When your work’s quality
Starts to be comprised

The long-lasting names
Expand even slow
Resist the mentality of
Just Grow! Grow! Grow!

Don’t sacrifice value
For people who pay
(If you do, your professional
Image gives way)

Say no to new business
When the load is too heavy
The dam just might break (when)
You grow b’fore you’re ready

An abundance of business
A blessing no doubt
And still take good care you don’t
Burn yourself out!


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Reasons to Write (Poem)

Write to tell, or write to sell?
Good content does both
Captivate as you create
Boost your sales growth

Identify the purpose for the
Words you generate
To motivate, persuade, express
Inspire or educate

Don’t be hokey, sleazy sales-ey
Still have to stand out
(Make things on the “write to tell” side
If there’s any doubt)

But money makes the world go round
Sad to say it’s true
As you create, should contemplate
What can this do for you?

Still don’t neglect the artful side
Of how things ought to be
It’s possible for sales copy
To be done tastefully

And while we’re at it, think about
How you use punctuation
And for the love, don’t overkill
On crazy exclamations!!!!!!!!

Write to tell or write to sell
Pros/ cons to both the sides
It’s your pen, so think and then
It’s your choice to decide


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