A New Wealth of Wisdom

“Many days fall away with nothing to show.”

Another year of experience under my belt
‘Nother turn at the learning from the things that I’ve felt
Few more pains and more heartbreaks that’ve taken their toll
Couple vict’ries and joys that have shaped my soul

Mistakes and mem’ries made on this road
(Additions, subtractions from my personal load)
Some milestones met, some pages turned
But above all else, there were lessons learned

And as YOU, dear friend, reflect on what’s passed
There’s a certain question I’m bold to ask:
Do you feel a bit worthless, like you’ve not much to show?
(That’s a thought I myself certainly know)

But guess what? It’s a lie! Not a single bit true
There’s a new wealth of wisdom thats now part of you.
Rejoice in your progress, then think of what we know:
Knowledge is all that we take when we go

When it seems like you’re stalwart, haven’t gained any ground
Remember you’re smarter this time around

“All these things shall give thee experience.
-Doctrine & Covenants 122:7


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