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When You Hustle, The Lord Opens Doors (Mini Poem)

When you hustle, the Lord opens doors
(Things that hadn’t been there before)
Show that you’re a faithful steward
He’ll see your efforts and bless you with more!

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Dreams Don’t Happen Overnight (Mini Poem)

Dreams don’t happen overnight
(They) come true slow, one at a time
Work hard, pray hard, run the race
Your dreams just may fall into place!

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Reprove At Times With Sharpness (Poem)

“Use boldness, but not overbearance”
-Alma 48:12
Weed out the weaker arguments
Prove nicely why they’re wrong
Reprove at times with sharpness
Be nice, but still be strong

Ask questions, challenge viewpoints
It’s the Socratic way
Go along to get along?
No! Say what you should say

You cannot force belief, though
Trying to impose your will
Won’t get you anywhere (they’ll hold the)
Same opinion still

Accept the disagreement
Not all will think like you
To plant that seed of difference (might be)
All that you can do

But take that rare experience
And now and then engage
Know when to stop, of course, but still
Don’t fear healthy debate

When it’s principles we champion
Who can be against us?
When defending truths less popular
Then God is always for us

So in formal conversation
Or just doing what you do
Dare to stand apart a bit
Bear witness of the truth

“If God be for us, who can be against us?”
-Romans 8:31

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Saving For Retirement


“In the house of the wise, there are stores of choice food and oil,
but a foolish man devours all he has.”
-Proverbs 21:20

$$ Are you saving for retirement? $$
15% percent of your income is what’s recommended.

If not, get to it!

PS: If you don’t know where to start, I highly recommend Chris Hogan’s book

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A New Wealth of Wisdom

“Many days fall away with nothing to show.”

Another year of experience under my belt
‘Nother turn at the learning from the things that I’veย felt
Few more pains and more heartbreaks that’ve taken their toll
Couple vict’ries and joys that have shaped my soul

Mistakes and mem’ries made on this road
(Additions, subtractions from my personal load)
Some milestones met, some pages turned
But above all else, there were lessons learned

And as YOU, dear friend, reflect on what’s passed
There’s a certain question I’m bold to ask:
Do you feel a bit worthless, like you’ve not much to show?
(That’s a thought I myself certainly know)

But guess what? It’s a lie! Not a single bit true
There’s a new wealth of wisdom thats now part of you.
Rejoice in your progress, then think of what we know:
Knowledge is all that we take when we go

When it seems like you’re stalwart, haven’t gained any ground
Remember you’re smarter this time around

“All these things shall give thee experience.
-Doctrine & Covenants 122:7


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Multiply My Efforts (Sonnet VL)


“Lift up the hands that hang down
and strengthen the feeble knees.”
-Doctrine & Covenants 81:5

Multiply my efforts
Strengthen my weak knees
Replace my doubt with faith
Make enough of me

Calm and clear my mind
Lift my hands that hang
When pain feels overwhelming
Take away the sting

Toss me out a lifeline
Silence all my fears
Put to rest concerns that have been
Plaguing me for years

I get that it’s a lot to ask
But know that you’re up to the task!

“He lives to silence all my fears”

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