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Dance with the Devil (Sonnet V)


“I know how easy it is to get discouraged and to do that all too familiar dance with the adversary.”
-Al Fox Carraway

When you’re deep in a hole, it’s hard to climb out
Surrounded by fear, regret, and self-doubt
And lethargy, apathy threaten to consume
A dance with the devil in a burning room

Then ‘vain imaginations’ (my idol of choice)
Beckon me with a siren voice
But they’ll never fulfill me, a shallow dream fleeting
Chasing a fantasy’s so self-defeating

Snap out of it, girl! There’s so much more than this
Untangle yourself from the darkened abyss
You’re giving more space to these thoughts than you should
Lift up your head and rejoice in what’s good!

You never were meant to feel all alone
Just remember there’s hope at the end of this road

“Lift up your heads, and rejoice, and put your trust in God.”
-Mosiah 7:19

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Sit Back and Listen (Sonnet)


“He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.”
Matthew 11:15

Sit back and listen; watch and observe
You don’t always have to make your voice heard
If you hush up and let someone else take a turn
You might be surprised at the things you can learn

Your own contributions? They do have their place
But it isn’t always the right time nor the place
Slow down that expressive machine in your head
Then reflect a bit on what someone else said

And here’s the harsh truth (sure you’re ready for it?):
When you speak your own mind, sometimes other ignore it!
There’s a reason you’ve got one mouth and two ears
Not always what you say; sometimes it’s what you hear

Don’t misunderstand; I still value your view
Just make sure you listen to others’ views too!


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