Be Where Your Feet Are (A Poem)

Screen shot 2016-08-30 at 8.05.28 AM

“Look not behind thee”
(Genesis 19:17)

Plan ahead, but live right now
The past is done and gone
The songs of yesterday are through
Tomorrow’s not yet come

Reminisce on what your miss
The present’s number one
Dream of someday, maybe one day
Don’t stare at a setting sun

Be here instead (don’t get ahead)
And don’t you dare forget
This life’s a gift, so please don’t miss
The chances you’d regret

It’s hard to not look back, I know
Still great things are to come
But fixating on what (soon) will be?
They’re both a losing game

The future’s as of yet unknown
(At least to some degree)
Don’t be a slave to yesterday
Live free and presently

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