Planned Parenthood’s Latest Stunt: Pink “CTR” Condoms


Guys, guys, are we seriously surprised that Utah Planned Parenthood used the church’s CTR symbol on their condoms? This is an organization that systematically kills human beings for a profit. This is a group whose founder was a known eugenicist and stated that “birth control must ultimately lead to a cleaner race.” There’s no evil they won’t do and no low they won’t stoop to; this is hardly shocking, ya’ll. Pink condoms (although still tasteless and offensive because they appropriate the Church) are one of the tamer things that PP has done.
PS: Those who work in the abortion industry at Planned Parenthood or who’ve had an abortion themselves can find forgiveness and freedom. Check out this link for people and resources who can help you:

PPS: PP has come out and said they’re discontinuing their pink CTR condoms.


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2 responses to “Planned Parenthood’s Latest Stunt: Pink “CTR” Condoms

  1. You are out of touch with what Plan Parenthood does, only 3% is abortions. Who cares if there pink or what symbol is placed on them. There used to prevent pregnancy, and doing that prevents abortions. So who cares as long as they work. and for your information the rest of the 97% is to offer health care to those in need. There are many women who can not afford medical insurance and places like Plan Parenthood are there only options. They do physicals, pap smears, mammograms, all kinds of things for women health issues. I personally donate every month so other women can have safe access to health care. I’m also a pro-choice women.

    • Hi Debbie. Thanks for answering. Actually, if you look at PP’s annual report, abortion accounts for far greater than 3% (reports estimate its closer to 40%). Prevent pregnancies? Then why does the Guttmacher Institute report that over half of women who get abortions were on birth control? From a business perspective, it makes sense that PP pushes abortions-they make hundreds of dollars for each one, whereas they don’t see any profit for a woman who decides to keep her baby. They do NOT do mammograms. Have you not seen CEO Cecile Richards admit to this in the Congressional Hearing?
      I’m sorry to hear that you’re pro-choice, because what that really means is that you condone the legal practice of ripping children in utero apart limb by limb, poisoning them in the heart, or using an aspirator to suction them away.
      Please research Abby Johnson. She’s a former PP director who is now pro-life and helps clinic workers find new life-affirming work.
      If you’d have an abortion, there’s hope. You can be happy and find healing.

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