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Planned Parenthood’s Latest Stunt: Pink “CTR” Condoms


Guys, guys, are we seriously surprised that Utah Planned Parenthood used the church’s CTR symbol on their condoms? This is an organization that systematically kills human beings for a profit. This is a group whose founder was a known eugenicist and stated that “birth control must ultimately lead to a cleaner race.” There’s no evil they won’t do and no low they won’t stoop to; this is hardly shocking, ya’ll. Pink condoms (although still tasteless and offensive because they appropriate the Church) are one of the tamer things that PP has done.
PS: Those who work in the abortion industry at Planned Parenthood or who’ve had an abortion themselves can find forgiveness and freedom. Check out this link for people and resources who can help you:

PPS: PP has come out and said they’re discontinuing their pink CTR condoms.


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Poem: “What I Learned From Dave Ramsey”


A few months ago, I received a Financial Peace University kit as a wedding present (I’m a newlywed!), and my husband will tell you that I’ve been hooked on Dave Ramsey ever since. I watch his Youtube channel, follow him on social media, listen to his radio show, read his books, and talk about his money principles all the freakin’ time!

When I get excited about something, when I feel strongly about a topic, my passion for it usually comes out in the form of a poem. So here’s my latest:

Don’t ever pay with credit.
Don’t you dare take out a loan
The borrower is slave
You need money? Use your own!

Pay back those pesky debts
(they’re poison to your health)
Save up, invest, and give
And build yourself some wealth

Have to live like no one else
And always act your wage
Then you can live comfortably
When you reach a seasoned age

Sweat and sacrifice
is what’s required of you
So hustle, get it done!
The Lord will help you through

“…the borrower is servant to the lender”
-Proverbs 22:7


PS: Many of the lines in my poem are taken from Dave Ramsey verbatim. I’m giving credit, so I’m not a plagiarizer! 

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