A Storm in the Heart (Poem)

A Storm In the Heart

By Katherine Anne Wilkinson Bright


You ask how I’m feeling. Where do I start?
A flood of emotions, a storm in the heart
There’s so much that’s hidden, that no one can see
A complex experience that’s inside of me

A drama with details, sensory overload
Should I tell you or not? Should we go down this road?
I love to express, but have learned to withhold
I’ve shattered some hearts from the things that I’ve told

But hey! Why not! Here goes:

Indecisively satisfied, feeling rebellious
Grateful to God, and painfully jealous
Self-loathing, self-soothing, and so self-assured
I’m wise beyond years, and so immature

Exhausted, awake, just leave me alone!
I’m lonely, want company, can’t be on my own
Inspired, impassioned, discouraged, and bored
I’m panicked, I’m peaceful, and thirty things more.

Just let these emotions run their due course
(Does admitting them to you relieve or reinforce?)
I need water, prayer, and perhaps a good cry.
Then I’ll be back to me; I’m going to be fine

So you want to know what’s under my hat?
I like you too much to subject you to that!

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