The Political Left Does Not Believe in Agency

Political Post Alert! 

The Left does not truly believe in agency (human choice). That’s why they blame the NRA or an inanimate object on gun violence instead of the perpetrators. That’s why they often proclaim that rape culture is to blame for rape, as opposed to an actual individual committing rape. That’s why they pin the Planned Parenthood shooting on those who expose the truth about the organization as opposed to some nutjob with no previous affiliation with the pro life movement and with a criminal history of voyeurism. That’s why they think that Big Daddy Government has to coddle us and pay for everything, like say birth control (instead of women being responsible and paying for it themselves or finding other means to not become pregnant). The Left does not hold people accountable for their individual actions; they believe in social justice rather than individual justice.

    “We believe that [wo]men will be punished for their own sins…”

                                                   (Article of Faith #2)

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