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Do Something More…


“Be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only.”
-James 1:22 (in the New Testament in the Bible)

“I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded…”
-1st Nephi 3:7 (in the Book of Mormon)

Do what is right, let the consequence follow.”
-Do What Is Right (Hymn #237)

“Wake up and do something more than dream of your mansions above.”
-Have I Done Any Good? (Hymn #223)

Do It!

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O Wretched Girl That I Am! (a poem)

Screen shot 2015-09-13 at 6.41.45 PM

“O wretched man that I am!
My soul grieveth because of mine iniquities.
-2nd Nephi 4:17

I count my sins there one by one
Replaying careless things I’ve done
I wear them like a heavy stain
What did I add to Christ’s pain?

My weakness is glaring, staring me in the face
Imperfections are taunting me, haunting my space
Looking for a break from this world of self-doubt
But Lucifer never does call time out

Though a wretched girl I am
There’s hope and healing in the Lamb
So head up, play on, game’s not over yet
And even in a war, savor a little respite

Stop carrying that weight, and save guilt for sin
And even when you fail, you can be forgiven!
No matter what wiles the devil may employ
Remember this: “[wo]men are that they might have joy

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On the Refugee Crisis: We Cannot Take These People In


“Be diligent that thou mayest be a wise steward.”

-Doctrine & Covenants 136:27

Let’s just get to it:

The Syrian Refugee Crisis.

Should we, or shouldn’t we? (though latest news says the geniuses in the White House have already said we will)

It is not our responsibility to house these people. That may sound heartless, but we cannot properly vet these individuals to ensure that they are safe to bring to our country (not to mention our massive debt). In fact, House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul has expressed that “the concern that I have and that the FBI testified to is that we don’t really have the proper databases on these individuals to vet them passed and to assure we’re not allowing terrorists to come into this country and until I have that assurance, I cannot support a program that could potentially bring jihadists into the United States(source). Does that mean some innocent people will suffer? Unfortunately, yes. But with the exponential growth of ISIS and radicalized Islam, we cannot afford to take that risk. Some may label this as racist, but it’s important to remember that Islam is not a race; it’s an ideology with adherents from all over the globe.

I know that in the past week, ‪#‎welcomerefugees‬ has been trending on Twitter. If an individual really feels that sentiment, perhaps he/she should tweet out his/ her address. Not trying to be snotty, just saying that you cannot ask a government to collectively do what you yourself will not individually do.

On a happier note, the LDS Church and other charities are providing resources for Syrian refugees. I’m not saying we shouldn’t give; of course we should. But housing them or providing asylum is not a good idea. 

Disagree With Me?

Let me know.

There’s plenty to debate here.

And I’m up for it…


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How Leftists Exploit Tragedy and Demagogue the Issue on Guns and Gun Control


“If you cared about saving lives, you would agree with my policies on gun control.”

This sentiment (often used by Leftists) is bullying, a Scotsman fallacy, and doesn’t take into account that added gun control measures simply do work! If you suggest additional gun control laws, you are ignoring reality. If laws are not working, why do you suggest more?images-1

I understand the desperation, frustration, fear and pain. How about we start by obeying the laws we already have? The VA Tech shooter was ordered by court to have mental health checkups, but they failed to follow up. That’s on them. But the NRA is not responsible. Gun culture is not responsible (the recent man from Virginia who shot a journalist and her cameraman was in no way influenced by it; he bought his first gun just this past June). How about we redirect our anger at other people and focus it on the murderer. I realize that won’t solve anything, but if you find yourself pissed off at those who own guns or are otherwise an advocate, you’re blame shifting. And how about we talk about, dare I say it, the irrefutable racial motivations of this monster. Why is no one left of center bringing that up?

Too often, the focus is on the weapon

and not of the evil in the heart.

There’s more to say on this.
Maybe I will another day.
PS: This past Labor Day weekend, I shot a machine gun for the first time!

(For anyone who thinks this is insensitive in light of recent shootings, please understand that I was under the watch of a U.S. National Guardsman and was in a very controlled setting in a professional shooting range working on target practice, operating a type of firearm that has never been used in a mass shooting)

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