Isolate the Variable: Why the Eric Garner Arrest Can NOT Be Compared to the Dylann Storm Arrest

Have seen this floating around Facebook, and I just HAD to comment on it….


Um, no.

The implied message of the meme above is that the reason Dylann Storm was treated far better (understatement) than Eric Garner is because he is white and the police are a bunch of racists. This is, to put it simply, absolute bull.

Garner was resisting arrest. Roof was not. Yes, Dylann’s crime was heinously evil, and yes Eric’s offense should not have been a crime at all (selling untaxed cigarettes? really?). But to automatically jump to racism as the reason why they were treated differently is fallacious (and that’s putting it kindly). Also, a black officer ( Kizzy Adoni) SUPERVISED Garner’s arrest. Was she racist as well?

Crying racism

when there isn’t evidence of racism

is racism.

(Isolate the variable, you idiot)

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