Behind Every Poem There’s a Face… (a poem)

Screen shot 2015-05-18 at 3.14.32 PM

Behind every poem, there’s a face;
an experience, idea, question, or frustration
Behind every post, there’s a place;
always a tangible source of inspiration

I hear it in a song or read it in a book
The sources for my writing are everywhere I look
And everything I ever create
Has a context from which it originates

Try hard to make it about more than just me
But I never could write objectively
Whether a finished piece or rough first draft
There are traces of me in all that I craft

From chicken scratch to notes on my phone…
It’s my heart on the paper; I give it as my own.


PS: That picture on the bottom left is a John Mayer quote. Go figure…

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One response to “Behind Every Poem There’s a Face… (a poem)

  1. Josh

    I’m glad you wrote a sonnet. Nice job!

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