Women’s Self-Defense is NOT Rape Culture!

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I do not believe that teaching a woman to protect herself (by learning self-defense techniques or learning how to operate a firearm) perpetuates “rape culture.” Though it’s true that we must always avoid victim-blaming, we can simultaneously teach men to respect boundaries (which occurs best in the home, btw; sorry, but no PSA will make a lick of difference) and teach women to ward off an attacker. Saying we can only do one or the other is a false dichotomy.

It’s not about blame; it’s about prevention. And I’m certainly no expert, but I’m glad that I know some basic self-defense skills (thanks, Paul!). If, God forbid, I were ever assaulted, it’s way past time to lecture the loser, wouldn’t you say?

Whatcha’ll think?

Start at 2:30 to listen how Steven Crowder’s fiance really could have used a gun to protect herself from a would-be rapist (thankfully, she was able to escape)

( JB!)


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2 responses to “Women’s Self-Defense is NOT Rape Culture!

  1. Havamal

    It’s absolutely rape culture. You can tell there is an agenda behind this notion because no one ever discusses the fact that young black men commit the majority of rapes in the country. The rapist is always portrayed as a middle aged white man because that is who the rape industry is bent on demonizing. Besides the fact that the whole notion of women’s self defense is a sham, feminism is so insidious that the even the shadow of it should be avoided. No Christian would want their daughter to grow up to be Miss Nevada.

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