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Women’s Self-Defense is NOT Rape Culture!

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I do not believe that teaching a woman to protect herself (by learning self-defense techniques or learning how to operate a firearm) perpetuates “rape culture.” Though it’s true that we must always avoid victim-blaming, we can simultaneously teach men to respect boundaries (which occurs best in the home, btw; sorry, but no PSA will make a lick of difference) and teach women to ward off an attacker. Saying we can only do one or the other is a false dichotomy.

It’s not about blame; it’s about prevention. And I’m certainly no expert, but I’m glad that I know some basic self-defense skills (thanks, Paul!). If, God forbid, I were ever assaulted, it’s way past time to lecture the loser, wouldn’t you say?

Whatcha’ll think?

Start at 2:30 to listen how Steven Crowder’s fiance really could have used a gun to protect herself from a would-be rapist (thankfully, she was able to escape)

( JB!)


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Too Many Goals That Haven’t Been Met (this poem has 3 John Mayer quotes…)

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Too many goals that haven’t been met
Too many words that haven’t been said
Too many times that I’ve fallen short
Too many dreams that I’ve had to abort

I count myself grateful to have aspirations
But confines of time and energy cause frustration
How can I be most strategic? What’s my next move?
I’ve got this paranoid (and ridiculous!) feeling that I’ll lose

And am I living it right? Is there something missing?
Extreme case of FOMO; what am I dismissing?
Tryin’ to play the game right to be most efficient
Don’t want to burn out or turn up deficient

(Now, listen up, self!)

“If you miss an opportunity, life goes on still
You can make a wrong move and still get your creative fill
Don’t overblow your failures or downplay your strengths
Tell worry to get out of here, and ditch all that angst”

(self-talk over)

My most valuable strategy to learn is experiential
Still, I’m a little terrified that I’ll miss my potential
But I *know* that the Lord can “make weak things [like me!] become strong
Just hoping I don’t have to wait too long…


“If they humble themselves before me, 

then will I make weak things become strong…”

-Ether 12:27 (in the Book of Mormon)


“So when you start feeling like the world’s coming down on you, and that somebody feels like you’re not good enough or smart enough or thin enough, and that’s getting sent to you…just ask for names. And guess what? There are no names. It’s all just fog, it’s all just a made up fog in a hall of mirrors, it’s all garbage, it doesn’t exist, so just do away with all that negative energy; it doesn’t even exist, it’s not even real.

                                                                                 (I was there!)

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The UVA Rape Hoax (and other Leftist Lies)

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“I’m sorry I lied and accused you of murder, but the most important thing is that we focus on the crime of murder.” (great logic, huh?)

Rapists are the scum of the earth.
False accusers are pretty sick as well.
No help at all to real victims.
The truth will set you free.

(Heads should be rolling at Rolling Stone; here’s to hoping that the UVA fraternity wins big in their lawsuit)

PS: Here’s an incredible article on this whole mess. READ IT!

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Love Her Mother

Sam Sara

(studying a medical textbook while spending time with a wife 9 months pregnant with precious twin girls; love it)

“How can a father raise a happy, well-adjusted daughter in today’s increasingly toxic world? It is a simple answer, and it is true—

The most important thing a father

can do for his daughter is to love her mother

By the way you love her mother, you will teach your daughter about tenderness, loyalty, respect, compassion, and devotion. She will learn from your example what to expect from young men and what qualities to seek in a future spouse. You can show your daughter by the way you love and honor your wife that she should never settle for less.…”

Screen shot 2015-04-06 at 12.28.13 PM

-Sister Elaine Dalton

Young Women General President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Even though it’s cheesy and somewhat overused, I this quote a lot, a lot

For my father friends with children (particularly girls!),

how can YOU love their mother?

(now, this is cheesy, but I had to include it anyways 🙂 )

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In Response to the Indiana Controversy, Let’s Repeal the Bill of Rights! (It’s April, You Fool)

Screen shot 2015-04-01 at 1.18.57 PM

We should probably repeal the whole Bill of Rights because sometimes people use those rights in ways that we don’t like very much.


PS: Heck yes, I am talking about Indiana. Come at me.

Screen shot 2015-04-01 at 12.41.12 PM

Also, this might interest someone (though the companies in question do not refuse to serve gay people; they simply refuse to participate in an event to which they are morally opposed. HUGE difference).

Let Freedom Ring


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