Not All People Are Good (A Sonnet to Betrayers)

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Screen shot 2015-03-25 at 11.23.56 AM                                                                                  

One of life’s most brutal truths
is that not everyone wants what’s best for you
We want to believe all people are kind
But sadly, not all have our best interest in mind

Some are simply negligent
but others aren’t so innocent
I pray you won’t, but you could be blindsided
By someone who love and in whom you’ve confided

My charcoal heart that I can’t ignore
‘Cuz I’ve been burned before
A casual betrayal out of the blue
Don’t be surprised if it happens to you, too
No matter what good you want to believe
Be not deceived; don’t be naive
Be careful who you trust, and be judicious with who you love
Might even be someone you’d do well to rid yourself of

And then never lose hold
of those friends who are gold

PS: This isn’t a passive-aggressive sonnet to anyone 🙂
PPS: 2 JM quotes. Did you find them?

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