American Women Have Got It Good: A Poem

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All this “Girl Power!” crap is getting kinda old.
Tired of propaganda and the things that I’m told.
Not saying these expressions should be completely disavowed.
But even the truth can be shouted too loud.

There’s so much unearned sense of moral superiority.
Trying to give voice to justice and “gender minorities.”
Yes, it’s important, and I suppose it has its place
But some join in the din just to try and save face.

I’ve found that (some) feminists just want to blame
Yet they say that *we’re* the culprits who cause women shame
And that “Ban Bossy” campaign? You cannot be serious.
Celebrities trying to “ban” a word is nothing short of ridiculous.

Guess what, ladies? We’ve got it amazingly good.
Think things might be different if we truly understood
the plight of REAL gender inequality around the world
Like when evil men kidnap innocent girls

American women can by and large live as we please
There’s not any man that I have to appease
I can work, I can worship, I have rights, I can drive
There are so many females who’d kill for our lives.

Now don’t call me ungrateful or say I’m naive.
Don’t presume to tell me the things I believe
There’s nothing in history I’m apt to ignore
And yes, I’m grateful for those who’ve gone before

In 2015, I don’t have to sit and be quiet
But I also don’t have to throw an “Empowerment” riot.
So please stop agitating so much and giving society flack.
If we’re really to be equal, then maybe we can dial it back?

And truth be told, at least from where I stand
I don’t mind a little extra attention from a man.
I’m an intellectual equal, but my lashes are longer.
And I’m okay that he’s faster and physically stronger

True, I throw like a girl, and yes, my push-ups are subpar.
And if I run with a male, I’ll never make it as far.
But that’s just how it is, no need to decry it.
Men have more strength, why try to deny it?

So if we really want true equality
let’s stop with these frivolities.
Women AND men are awesome, that should suffice.
Now can we *please* just get on with life?

Screen shot 2015-03-15 at 3.42.52 PM

“Like most women, I reject the feminist label.

And yes, I’ve read the dictionary definition, thanks.

I judge it by its actions instead.”

Julie Borowski (love, love, LOVE her! )

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