I’ve lost faith in (a lot of) people, but the Lord doesn’t slack in His promise.

Screen shot 2015-02-09 at 2.38.35 PM

“I have faith in the Lord, but I’m not sure I have faith in people anymore.”
-Yours truly (in the not so distant past)

“[C]ursed is he who putteth his trust in man..”
-2nd Nephi 4:34 (in the Book of Mormon)
“You’re no one ’til someone lets you down.”

“The Lord is not slack concerning [H]is promise”
-2nd Peter 3:9 (in the New Testament in the Bible)

Who’s let you down?
Who did you make the mistake of trusting?
And how has the Lord not slacked for you? 🙂 

PS: As with everything I post, every picture has a purpose. And I deeply admire Governor Abbott.

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