All My Heartbreaks Have Left a Scar (a poem)

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Sometimes we lie when the truth hurts too much
We use diversion as a weak tea crutch
And harbor “sorrow that the eye can’t see
as we dodge the issue carefully

And all this over-scheduling
It doesn’t really help a thing
So I put on another upbeat song
but can only distract myself so long

It’s time to be real and self-confess
(this is part of being a Blue, I guess)
That all my heartbreaks have left a scar
As my tears collect in that broken jar
But I am not alone
Not left on my own:
Because He who was anointed
was also disappointed

And like the prophet Joseph told
My losses will be made up 10-fold

“All your losses will be made up to you in the resurrection…

By the Almighty, I have seen it.”

-Joseph Smith Jr.

(this quote gives me goosebumps)


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2 responses to “All My Heartbreaks Have Left a Scar (a poem)

  1. It’s easy to get in that pattern of distracting ourselves from what’s really going on inside of us. “all my heartbreaks have left a scar” – I feel like this is true for me, too, and sometimes I feel bad about it, like I should be better at getting past things. But our bodies are like this, too—we accumulate scars through our lives, and that’s okay.

    Thanks for this poem, Katherine. It really rings true with my experience.

  2. Thanks, Josh! That means a lot!

    I just read one of your poems about looking back/ looking forward. I LOVED that one. Matches how I feel a lot. It reminds me of the song “High Hopes” by Kodaline. So hauntingly beautiful and sad, but still hopeful (hence the title). Give it a listen, but don’t watch the music video because it’s too sad!

    Haha, I just turned this comment into a song review. Thanks for the compliment and loved your poem!

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