Never Give Up, Kath! (a poem to myself)

Screen shot 2014-12-30 at 12.06.34 PM

No matter how I try, my plans often go awry
No matter what I do, things usually go askew

Feels like I’ve failed, when my life gets derailed
I had zero doubts, and then it didn’t quite work out

Taking yet another unplanned detour, keeps me humble, that’s for sure
Please, someone remove this cup, ‘cuz I’m feeling tempted to give up

But NO WAY, GIRL! Keep your head up high,
Never let that faith of yours run dry

When you’re sad at the things that you seem to be lacking,
think instead of all the FUN you’re having!




(I started with a phrase from “Of Mice and Men,” and I finished with a mouse! …❤ Bookending Master)

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