There’s a world to discover beyond ISP (a poem)

The World Beyond ISP

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My mind is sharp, but my body is stiff                                    1
Wanna throw my smart phone off a cliff
It’s only part of the story, the truth becomes skewed
When the world is seen through a Facebook-filtered view

The scales are falling, and I’m starting to see                         5
how technology has been drowning me
I wanna strum the strings of my guitar
and see things as they really are

The “tumult of opinions” overwhelms my mind                     9
so I think it’s time to unplug and unwind
I can wake up early, leave my gadgets behind
and see the sunrise with my own two eyes

There’s a world to discover beyond ISP,                       13
but there’s also a non-tech version of me
Because what I believe and all that I am
Can’t begin to be captured through Instagram


I must say, I am quite proud of the references I used in this poem :). Here they are:

a. “The scales are falling” (line 5)- a reference to Saul in the New Testament (in Acts 9:18). After he had persecuted Christ, he was blind for three days. Then, scales fell from his eyes, symbolizing that he had new vision, thus becoming the disciple Paul.

b. “starting to see” (line 5)- lyric from John Mayer’s “Daughters

c. “things as they really are” (line 8)- a line taken from Jacob 4:13 in the Book of Mormon and the title of a very famous address by David Bednar that discussed the dangers of living life in a virtual reality of internet anonymity.

d. “tumult of opinions” (line 9)- a phrase used by Joseph Smith Jr. describing the confusion he felt amidst the wide variety of different philosophies and ideas about God & religion. This text is used to express that the opinions and controversies found via the internet world are likewise confusing

e. “see the sunrise with my own eyes” (line 12)- a lyric from John Mayer’s song 3×5, which explores the theme of how living a real life is superior than any virtual/ photographic replication (a very early artistic exploration of this idea even before the explosion of the digital age).


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