Don’t Wait for Marriage for Your Life to Start

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So many people today are waiting for their golden ticket—the ticket that they believe holds the key to the happiness they have always dreamed about. In their anxiousness, some begin to forget the simple joy they used to find in a candy bar. …The problem comes when we put our happiness on hold as we wait for some future event—our golden ticket—to appear….Don’t wait for your golden ticket. Forget not to be happy now.

( Dieter Uchtdorf)

“Don’t wait for marriage to start your life. Please don’t wish away this season just because it doesn’t look the way you thought it would. You don’t have to wait for a partner to invest in your space, in yourself, in your life.”
(Shauna Niequest)

Yes, yes, and YES!

Screen shot 2014-09-25 at 8.55.56 AM

“And this is not to say,

I won’t settle down one day.”



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