Heather’s Poem:



Katherine, my dearest Fiji friend,
I’m sorry that you, I did offend.
I’m positive you are a great roommate
and when in Fiji, never did I hate.

Sometimes I pick on people, and it’s not okay
It’s a character flaw I need to put at bay
I cannot express to you how I really feel,
because I have pride that I cannot peel.

But if I had the ability to,
I would tell you, “I love you.”

You’re a loyal friend, and a beautiful girl.
In this oyster of a world, you are a pearl.
I don’t even mind you watch “Sex and the City”
Cuz let’s be honest, Carrie Bradshaw’s so pretty.

Anyway, I’ll end this hideous write.
And hope you and I are not in a fight.
Because your friendship means a lot to me.
And bosom buddies I want us to be.

– Heather Johnson, February 2011

I really love Heather a lot.

A lot.



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