Poem: I’m smarter with a candle…

Screen shot 2014-08-22 at 1.01.12 AM

Every now and then, when I’m not exactly sure,
I decide to take a risk and try to clarify the blur.
So I awkwardly dig through the archives of my mind
And sometimes, even I’m surprised at the things that I find.

When the demons come out swinging late into the night
Dark memories come flooding back and drive out my light.
I’m trapped in all my weaknesses, they’re crowding up my space.
But just like Bono says, “I know I’m not a hopeless case.”

The past is not always pretty, but pain can help me learn.
I’m smarter with a candle because I’ve felt the burn.
Someday I’ll find the strength to let go and release
All that negative baggage, and I’ll finally find some peace.

Until then…

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