A Poem Inspired by Jack Johnson’s “Flake.”

Screen shot 2014-07-29 at 9.31.22 PM


“It seems to me that ‘maybe’
pretty much always means no.”

For heaven’s sake,
don’t be a flake.
Follow through
on what you say you’ll do.
Don’t let people down,
don’t give ’em reasons to frown.
Lemme get back on track
with the wise words from Jack,
“When [you say you’re] gonna try,
it might not work because of other ties”
That’s a broken promise
which is basically a lie.
So “please, please, please” don’t let my heart break.
Don’t be careless, and DON’T BE A FLAKE!
PS: These are not sentiments that I’m feeling currently. Just like the idea. And I just heard that Jack Johnson song and whipped out this little piece (which is definitely not my finest)

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