“Can’t be creatively excessive, nor creatively malnourished” (a poem on struggling to keep it all together!)


Been doing some thinkin’, and I’ve got a confession:
Sometimes my interests turn into obsessions
But I can’t neglect them either, don’t want to “let ’em slip away”
(and there’s my John Mayer quote for the day!)

Like, I write out my heart when I should be asleep
Or sometimes don’t touch my guitar for weeks
Guess I’m still tryin’ to figure out exactly how to ration
How much time I give to feed my passion

Can’t be creatively excessive, not creatively malnourished
Gotta find that sweet spot and not get discouraged
We’ve heard it said to practice moderation
Maybe that’ll help with this mild frustration

So HOW do I do it? That’s the big question
(if ya’ll have ideas, I’m open for suggestions!)
No hard and fast answer, no perfect solution
Guess I’ll just keep on tryin’ to BALANCE what I’m doing.

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