3 Things to Consider when Looking for a New Job.

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Counselor Wilkinson here.  So glad you could join me today as we briefly discuss job options.  My experience over the last few months has taught me a thing or two about this whole career thing, and I felt it only fitting that I bestow upon my dear readers a tidbit of wisdom that, although small and simple, has done wonders for me as I’ve tried my best to navigate this game.  So here we go!  The 3 main aspects to consider when deciding on a job are:

1)  What you do

2)  Who you work with and work for

3)  $ Money $

Those 3 points will make or break you.  And here’s the clincher.  You have to like at least 2/3 to be happy and successful.  So aim for 66% or higher, and you’ll do great!

Get your kicks,

on Route 66!

Everything comes back to John Mayer.





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