There’s no Sunday school lesson to tell you what to do when you stop believing in God.


In my experience (and in those of other people I’ve known), one of the worst things about losing your faith (particularly if you are/ were LDS) is that no one ever taught you how to deal with this. There was no Sunday school lesson about what to do when you stopped believing or God; no manual on how to cope when you had the sickening realization that everything you’d ever been taught was a lie. You are in unfamiliar territory, unarmed and stripped of anything you once had in your arsenal of spiritual self-defense, and you have no idea how to navigate your way through this kind of pain and confusion. There is literally nothing that could have prepared you for this.

My heart goes out to anyone and everyone who has ever gone through this experience. It is hell.

I would encourage my friends who ARE believers to acknowledge and honor the pain and struggles of our brothers and sisters who, for whatever reason, are no longer (fully) part of our religious community. They need us, and not just as people who want them to come back (although I do believe that’s important). And perhaps we need we need them, as they give us an opportunity to take our ultimate value of unconditional charity off the shelf of abstraction and put it into action.

As my boss Julie has said,Let’s practice radical compassion.



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2 responses to “There’s no Sunday school lesson to tell you what to do when you stop believing in God.

  1. Thank you, Andrew. I appreciate it.

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