A political sonnet: Mr. President, get your @ss in gear about the Iraq crisis



With money, Obama’s reckless
But with foreign policy, feckless
He wracks up obscene debt
And says Iraq is not a threat

(and speaking of, let’s transition to talking about the crisis)

People like to blame George W.
And yes, he brought some trouble, true
But Bush predicted this would happen
And yet, our current administration’s napping!
It’s an error to think terror is all but done.
With ISIS, things look like they may have just begun.
I wanna be wrong, I wish it weren’t so
But the truth is America could take a major blow

This is more than some paranoid, unfounded fear
Mr. President, it’s high time you got your @ss in gear.

“Thanks to our stubborn-headed president….

this is another 9/11 in the making.”

-South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham

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