What if my best is less than enough?


Dallin H. Oaks says, “Good, Better, Best.”
But what if my best is less than the rest?
I do what I can to get through the tough
But so many times, even that’s not enough

I’m not asking for help, not wanting your pity
Just saying it can be hard to survive in this city
And it’s not just location, but my general existence
It’s more than just miles that can make you feel distant

But I’m still here, and I’m not leaving
So I tell myself to “doubt not, but be believing”
That things can improve, that I’ll make it through
Though my insecurities are more than a few.
Be patient, sweet self; you’re a work in progress.
And think of the things you’ve already accomplished!

PS: I am happy overall. Just giving voice to some of the hard times. Not a cry for attention. Just an expression of my heart in a poem with a pretty boring rhyme scheme. ‘Cuz that’s what I do!


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