I don’t write a Mormon blog.


There are a lot of Mormon blogs out there. They are often very effective at laying out the doctrine and practices of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and also giving insight into the life experiences of its members. Other online forums articulate challenges or controversies concerning the faith and seek to provide an environment of understanding for those who have questions or doubts.

The things I write don’t fulfill either of these aims; those things are not my purposes. I don’t have a niche, other than Human/ Mormon/ Woman, which is basically everything under the sun. I never set out to write about the Church; instead my views are informed by Church doctrine (scriptures, words of our leaders, etc.). But it’s not my goal to write a Mormon blog. It doesn’t need to be; so much of who I am and what I believe, and then consequently what I write is naturally infused with Mormon influence. I see no need, nor do I have a desire to separate out my identities into distinct spheres. 

PS: Hope this doesn’t come across as me bashing anyone. I’m really grateful for a lot of the blogs out there. Just wanna offer something unique.

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  1. That’s awsome, In a way i have kind of felt the same, When i started i thought it would just be a mormon blog, and guess my blog is in many ways a mormon blog, but in so much of what i have written it is not mormon per se but rather how my faith and experiences have influenced my view on social, political, and economic issues around the world, so i guess that makes it a bit of both, thanks for writing

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