Everyday, I get a little bit smarter. But everyday is a little bit harder.


Everyday, I get a little bit smarter,
but everyday is a little bit harder
Gotta try to take it all line upon line; (it’ll all be fine in time!)
Trying to understand-precept upon precept….except
DANG! the learning curve is steep
I’m in too deep and losing sleep!
“But I still got time, and still got faith”

(There I go, quoting Mayer again
Now it’s almost time for this confessional poem to END!)

There’s choices I should edit, but gotta give myself credit
‘Cuz as far as I can tell, there’s lotsa stuff I do well!
And as long as I’m tryin’, still got that pocketful of sunshine 
Looks like this poem I’ve sealed, with the words of Ms. Bedingfield

I gotta stop! Before my rhymes start to flop
But I just keep going, like a plane made by Boeing
That’s it! That’s it! I’ve had enough
Cuz’ right now, staying awake is way too tough.

Goodniiiiight!  you all (figuratively and/or literally)!

-Katherine Anne

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