It’s an exciting endeavor to be writing forever…


It’s an exciting endeavor
to be writing forever
Can’t do internal rhymes
For an eternal amount of times
But I CAN wittily express
and get things off my chest
figuratively! you sicko perv
Whoops! I gotta try to swerve
away from dirty jokes; gotta steer clear
‘cuz I don’t wanna burn up in a sleazy atmosphere
And I just quoted John Mayer, in case you didn’t catch it
When it comes to his music, there’s nothing to match it

Now I gotta go to bed, to avoid a pounding in my head
Need to “save these questions for another day”
A least that’s what Billy Joel would say 🙂
I’ll try and turn off my thoughts
‘cuz heaven knows there are LOTS!
Alright self, time for this poem to end,
so goodnight, lovely friends!


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