Accomodate, don’t dominate. And remember EVERYONE needs a say.



Speak your peace,
and speak your mind.
But don’t leave others far behind

When the same person talks,
it’s not only annoying
but there are other people’s chances 
you might be destroying

And it’s a sign of pretension
when you hog the attention.
Hope it’s not your intention
to occupy all perceived dimensions. 

The center may be fun,
but you’re not the only one.
Sometimes others rightfully yearn
to be understood and have their turn. 

You don’t always have to have the last word.
‘cuz yours is not the sole voice that needs to be heard. 
So accommodate, don’t dominate
and remember EVERYONE needs a say.

(This poem was inspired by a very annoying person I once knew who couldn’t for the life of him/her pipe down and let other people talk. Don’t be like that, ok? SOOOOOOOOOO obnoxious).

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