Short posts are about to go.

Hello anyone who reads this,

Recently, I’ve been doing little short posts.  Playing on a word, using 1-2 pictures, a Mayer lyric, a scripture, or one self-to-text connection question.I like the fact that I don’t feel the need to write a novel.  I’ve written before,I”m not a criminal, though my posts be minimal!”


 Buuuuut, I do like really taking time and effort to explicate some truth or meaning that I desire to express.  Like, working hard to develop my arguments or feelings to convey a message that resonates deeply with me.  And I have SO MUCH TO WRITE ABOUT!  But alas, I also have loads of dirty laundry, a full-time job (yeah!), a calling, a social life (kinda?), and other responsibilities.  And these are the reasons that I haven’t been writing quite as forcefully as I have in the past.







Seriously though, some of these things are like anvils on my soul.  I need to express them!  I need to get them out there. So all this is to say that I WILL be writing more meaty stuff soon.  Just you wait.

Thanks for reading.  And go write your own blog!



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  1. I find I am just to much of a rambler to keep them short for myself, I tend to write 1,000-1500 words a post, look forward to reading some of your longer posts

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