Don’t fall asleep when someone needs you awake.

the apostles fell asleep

In His most painful hour in the garden, Jesus desperately needed His friends. And yet, failing to comprehend the gravity of His despair, they slept through His excruciating undertaking. These otherwise good men had no malice in their hearts, and yet they were thoughtless of their Lord when He needed them most.

   (begin at 2:50)


Is there someone in agony who needs YOU to be awake

as a source of comfort and strength?

“O, that ye would awake; awake from a deep sleep!” (2nd Nephi 1:13)

Don’t fall asleep
when someone needs you awake.


 PS.  I realize I’ve been posting quite a few pictures of myself lately where I’m crying.  It’s true that I use tears to express emotion-namely sadness.  But don’t worry, I’m happy a lot of the time, too!  See, look:

apostles fell asleep


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