To Love, I Rhapsodize



In my BYU freshman college writing class, I wrote an essay analyzing biblical themes in the relatively obscure (but still awesome!) U2 song “Window in the Skies.” Some people thought I was weird and should have just written about a book like most everyone else did. But now I see how that simply presaged what I do now all the time: identify and analyze Christian/ religious imagery in sooooo much popular music. Cool!

1.  What habits did you start early?

2.  What have you always had a knack for/ interest in that has carried through the years?

to love I rhapsodize

PS.  I’ll dig through my mounds of junk and try to find that paper!

PPS.  I did get an A on it. 🙂

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One response to “To Love, I Rhapsodize

  1. for me, its reading, love it, i especially love seeing within the stories i read gospel applications and lessons, with some writers like Orson Scott card and Brandon Sanderson you can really see the LDS influence in there writing coming through, applying the concept and issues within the books from a gospel perspective have almost become second nature to me, you can check out my book review blog if you have not already

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