“You’ve put callouses on my fingers, but removed them from my heart; ” (to my beloved guitar)


The most valued physical object that I own?  my guitar. No question. None at all.

    My guitar is one of my most constant and trusted friends. It brings me happiness and also gives voice to my deepest sorrows.  It can serve me in social situations, or it can happily be my lone companion. Whether I’m surrounded by others or feel as lonely as did Moroni when he was abandoned, I can always rely on it. Day or night, it is unfailingly there for me.  

      Over the years, my guitar and I together have intimidated a boy or two; apparently it’s hot when a girl can play, but not when she’s better than you.  (hope that doesn’t sound arrogant!) Through ups and downs, and then more downs, my guitar has never let me down, even when others have.

    So here’s to you, dear Washburn. You’ve put callouses on my fingers, but you’ve removed them from my heart.  You’ve seen me cry more than any human has. You are my soul, my love, and my friend.  Thank you.  

❤ Katherine Anne

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