People will hate you when you stand up for truth.

people will hate you

When others hate you for what you unabashedly believe,

it’s a sign that you are brave enough to stand up for truth.

“There is opposition in all things.”

(2nd Nephi 2:27)

By the way, the young woman is Lila Rose, the face of this generation’s pro-life movement. Watch her bravery in this “debate” between her and the hateful Tamara Holder. Lila’s not unkind, but she’s undaunted by the attacks and is infinitely more knowledgable about the subject than her opponent. And she never backs down.

And looking at my original graphic, I realize that there is a Lutheran (King), a Catholic (Rose), the central figure of Christianity (Jesus), and a Book of Mormon figure (Nephi). Look how religiously diverse I am! 🙂
People will hate you when you stand up for truth….
Keep Standing.  



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