Should professors promote their publishings? YES!

the glory of God is intelligence

Have you ever asked a professor a question and had he/she refer you to an article/book that he/she had written? Me too. Did you find it a bit self-serving? Me too. But I’ve come to change my view. Check it:

If a scholar has taken the time to research and study out a topic and then write extensively about it (often collaborating with other experts), wouldn’t that answer be better than anything he/she could quickly tell you? Professors, who by the name are academic professionals, needn’t be scoffed at for advocating their published work (within reason). Of course, sometimes it’s a bit about money, but I truly believe that more than anything what it’s really about is knowledge.

What do YOU think?

The glory of God is intelligence, or in other words light and truth… (D&C 93:36)



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