Kathryn Skaggs: Let’s be more loving to liberal Mormons

kathryn skaggs liberal mormon

Do any of you know the blog “A Well Behaved Mormon Woman”? It’s written by Kathryn Skaggs (love her name!). Among other things, she was the one who first wrote about the supposed gay agenda in Frozen, which in turn started a fire storm of controversy and the colossal response that you’ve probably seen on Facebook.

Anyways, Sister Skaggs takes a decidedly conservative stance on social issues, always agreeing with the policies and doctrines of the correlated Church.

Like Kathryn, I always stand with the Church. However, I am uncomfortable with much of her blog (the parts that I’ve read, anyways). I feel she is (somewhat) belittling and perhaps self-righteous to Mormons who’s conscience lead them to disagree. 

Truthfully, I do think there are instances where people need to trust and obey our leaders, but I’ve come to have a greater respect for those with a more liberal leaning. I think Kathryn’s writing can sometimes be alienating to our brothers and sisters who already struggle with how they fit in the Church.

Just wanted to express that even conservative Mormons differ in their views on and approaches to these issues.


“If ye are not one

ye are not mine.”

-D&C 38:4

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