Patience, Iago. Patience.

ImagePatience iago

Patience is a characteristic that doesn’t seem to be valued much in our modern age.  The efficiency and immediacy of technology (among other things) seem to make many people think that they should be able to get what they want exactly when they want.  Consequently, if they don’t, they have the tendency of becoming frustrated and sometimes even hostile.

Despite how difficult it can sometimes, patience is still incredibly important.  It brings peace of mind, demonstrates self-restraint, and shows general civility and decency toward others.  Patience implies not only waiting, but waiting without getting upset or angry.  I would encourage you all to exercise patience when occasion calls for it.  It will bless your life in all of its facets.

What are YOUR thoughts/ experiences concerning patience?


The above song is one of my favorite songs in the history of the universe. 

And that’s saying something! 


Continue in patience…

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