Because I’m HAPPY!

Along with most of the world, I am totally digging Pharrell’s infectious song “Happy” (watch/listen to it, Mom!).  And didja know that a while back, he tweeted a quote from LDS apostle Dieter Uchtdorf?  It’s true!
Technology makes the world so small…

Back to the song:  I like BYU Vocal Point’s version.  Here’s me rockin’ out to it a bit…


Sunshine, SHE’S HERE!

You can take a break!”

Omgosh LOOOVE that line

ANYWAYS, this song perfectly describes how I’m feeling today.  I’ve gotten some stuff done, I have good things to look forward to, and I feel the Lord’s help in my life all the time.  Oh, yeah, and I’m AWESOME!  So seriously, it’s been a pretty swell day…

Because I’m…




yellow wallpaper…

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