Jet-black hair; a growing epidemic.

jet black hairTime for a little social commentary. And this may rub some people wrong. So be it:

Jet-black hair is ugly. I’m not talking about women with naturally dark hair, I’m talking about women who ink up their hair so its sickeningly black.

It’s phony looking. It’s way too over-processed. It looks like an ink cartridge exploded on your head. And believe me, you aren’t fooling a single person with that shade of “midnight mystery,” store-bought or otherwise,

As a lifelong brunette, I have come to appreciate the joys (and struggles) of differing from our blonde counter-parts. On occasion, I’ve even gone a little darker myself. But I’ve learned from trial and error and seeing others’ drastic dyes to steer clear of this unfortunate trend.

Ladies, lighten up a little bit please. Leave the black hair to those who were born with it.

jet black hairA chocolate or chestnut tone will suit you just fine.


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